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Call Us Today!
(415) 596-7979

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Our well-trained, experienced personnel assure high quality work on every job. Swiss Window Cleaning’s team of professionals is comprised of highly skilled and motivated individuals who pride themselves on a job well done. We will get the job done right the first time. All safety regulations are followed to ensure the well-being of personnel and property. We have perfected the techniques that lead to sparkling, bright and spotless windows and mirrors. We also thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts.

Window Cleaning
Window cleaning in hard to reach places needs an experienced hand. Our window cleaning is hands on, using window cleaning mops and squeegees. All exterior and interior frames and windowsills are wiped to remove dirt, dust and cobwebs. Screens are removed and cleaned, edges dried and replaced. Inspection of the areas is conducted and areas in need of repair are reported to the owner. We clean high windows, skylights, mirrors and more.

Gutter Cleaning
The collection of leaves, twigs and bugs in your gutters can be unsanitary and destructive to your property. The pileup of debris can weigh down your gutters and make a perfect habitat for bugs, mold, termites and mosquitoes. The constant moisture can harm the exterior of your roof and soffits of your home. Swiss Window Cleaning will clean them out and keep the water flowing down the spouts instead of leaking along the way. Clean gutters will help you preserve the function of the gutters and reduce pests. We clean both gutters and downspouts.

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